Early Adopter Program

Help build the right solution at the right price for everyone

WatchGameFilm Early Adopter Program


it's time for a change.

Be a part of the game film revolution and help us design a product that fits your needs and is priced correctly.

Too many athletic teams are stuck in a world of over-priced film packages. While Hudl enjoys their current position as the most popular provider, their dramatic price increases are affecting the program budgets of average high school teams and leagues. Hudl competitors are similarly raising their prices.

The team at WatchGameFilm has diligently worked in the background for over 10 years innovating an alternative system. Our primary focus is a strong and flexible video solution that every team can afford and use productively. We are ready to put it all on the line to become a bigger part of the solution. We are ready to create the game film system thousands of coaches are rallying to have. We want these same coaches to help us build it. Together we can build the right product, one feature at a time, and deliver it for the right price. Our guiding principal has always been to do the right thing for the coaches who give everything to develop and lead student-athletes to be their best.

what is an early adopter?

The WatchGameFilm Early Adopter Program is the way for us to work together and make this change happen. It will provide our early customers the structure to give candid input and feedback about the necessary features for a game film solution. This program is the central component for creating future product releases.

Early Adopters are critical to this process. You will participate in the design by helping us add the correct features that will make the product useful and successful. After spending lots of time talking with many coaches and schools, we have committed to building this game film solution at a rapid pace. Our first major release is scheduled for August 1, 2019.

why watchgamefilm?

Our founder, Joe Kirsch, is a former Microsoft developer who also coached 4A high school football in Washington. He gets football and he and his family have lived football for the past 20 years.

WatchGameFilm has been in the game film management industry since 2008 and we know video. We have managed over 100,000 users, 500,000 films, and 5 million video clips worldwide. Our community is loyal, and they appreciate our pricing structure that leaves them room in their budgets for other things such as sports equipment, facilities, uniforms, and other necessities. During the last decade, WGF has focused on building a streaming platform that allows our film to work on all types of devices. We built a storage design that allows us to offer truly unlimited disk space for unlimited users. Our user-focused approach led us down a different path of service and value for the programs we serve. Our streaming platform is morphing towards customizable entertainment channels and beyond.

We have so many exciting things to show you during our WatchGameFilm Early Adopter Program, including a combined platform with Collegiate Sports Data (CSD), a veteran football recruiting service out of Nashville that has always been free to high school coaches, players, and their families. CSD is the only recruiting service that puts the high school head coach first when identifying college level football prospects. College coaches get a direct path to the right prospects identified by the people who know them best; their high school coaches. The CSD mission aligns perfectly with the passion of WatchGameFilm and together we will drive change and get back to what is important; preparing student-athletes to be successful in their game and in their next phase in life.