what's the end game?

Our goal is to develop the perfect game film platform that supports high school football and other competitive sports in a way that no other platform currently supports it, including Hudl. And to make sure this platform for competitive sports is affordable for every competitive team or league.

the ultimate team design

This Early Adopter Program is what will make our platform perfect. Why? Because we have a core of heavy hitting coaches and teams who are designing this product with us, side by side. We have the opportunitiy to start from a blank canvas, learning from the successes and failures that the industry has experienced around streaming content, system mangement, film exchange and breakdown.

does this list interest you?

Below is a sample of just a few topics that you can be a part of the design process.

  • College Recruiting
  • Data Import & Export
  • Documents and Photos
  • Film Exchange
  • Film Libraries & Archiving
  • Film Markup
  • Highlight Creation
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Mobile Applications
  • Multi Team Management
  • Multiple Video Angles
  • Organization & Folders
  • Play Tagging & Management
  • Playbooks
  • Playlists
  • Practice Scripts
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Reports that add value
  • Sideline Video
  • Split Screens
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Unlimited Storage
  • User Security and Management
  • Video Editing & Splicing / Cutups
  • Video Streaming (4K, HD, SD)
  • and so much more...

We have over 100 features / improvements on our blueprints already. Join our Early Adopter Program now to voice your needs and help improve the design. Discussion around the first 100 features begins April 15th.