how does it work?

Sign up now to become a WGF Early Adopter. We will begin taking user input April 15th. The design process stays in a continuous rapid development cycle until we have met all of the community agreed upon Early Adopter requirements. This is a one-time offer as joining the Early Adopter Program will not be allowed after May 31st.

Step 1. Join the Early Adopter Program (EAP)

$100 membership gets you involved in the design process and on the receiving end of the latest technology built by the community until Aug 2021!

Step 2. Avoid increased Hudl storage costs

Migrate old practice film, training videos, etc. to for archiving. Our video player includes slow motion, instant replay, etc. and as always, unlimited film, unlimited users.

Step 3. Review product timeline and community features

Upvote or downvote features as well as voice your own features and needs. Communicate your specific needs and timelines.

Step 4. Test the app in your own Early Adopter portal

Access the latest WGF Early Adopter releases 247 and provide input and feedback regarding what works well and what needs to improve. Stay in a continuous rapid development loop constantly seeing new features and providing feedback in the community.

Step 5. Go Live!

When you are satisfied with a phase of WGF and you want to use it for your team, take a snapshot of the Early Adopter build and Go Live! You and your team will be able to use the application and you will still have your EAP Portal Access. Continue in the design and feedback loop and when you want to upgrade your Live Team version just take a snapshot of the EAP bits to do so.

Step 6. Receive 1 Year on Us!

You may use any version of the EAP product at any time if you feel it is ready for your team to use. The EAP ends August 1, 2020. As an additional thank you, receive a complimentary 1 year subscription for Aug 2020 to Aug 2021 as a thank you from us. This is a span of 28 months for $100.