what's the timeframe?

Sign up now to become an WGF Early Adopter as we will begin reviewing features with you April 8th. The design and development process stays in a continuous rapid cycle until we have met all of the community agreed upon Early Adopter requirements.

Your $100 EAP membership covers you for 16 months while we will continue to put all of your needs into the product. At that point the Early Adopter program will be ending and you will then receive a complimentary 1 year subscription (another 12 months free) taking you to August 2021 before your first paid renewal.

April 15, 2019. EAP Signup Starts

$100 membership gets you into the program and runs until Aug 2021 at no additional costs to you!

April 22, 2019. Requirements Discussion Begins

As a community, begin to give feedback on the design you see and input on what else you want or need.

May 31, 2019. EAP Signups End

Sorry, if you haven't signed up for this unique and exciting opportunity, you will have to wait for the public release (date unknown).

Aug 1, 2019. EAP Fall Practice Drop

Upload and manage practice film to your WGF Early Adopter Portal and run game film on your Hudl platorm.

Dec 1, 2019. End of Season Drop

Use the WGF Early Adopter Portal for most of your game film management functionality and begin to migrate away from Hudl.

Mar 1, 2020. Spring Season Drop

Use the WGF Early Adopter Portal for ALL of your spring practice needs.

Aug 1, 2020. Early Adopter Program Ends

We are no longer in a rapid development cycle and a more normal development process is put into place.

Aug 1, 2020. Complimentary Offical Release

Receive a free 1 year subscription and use WGF for ALL of your game film needs and eliminate the cost of Hudl altogether.

Aug 1, 2021. Renew Subscription for $100 or $500

The entry product will be $100 a year and the highest priced product, with all bells and whistles, will be under $500 a year allowing everyone to use WGF.

Aug 2, 2021. Victory Dance!

Remind everyone that you were a part of it, that you saved your team thousands of dollars and that you helped do a good thing for everyone else in the world.